Dr Steve Hocking


Dr Steve Hocking graduated with a medical degree from the University of Western Australia in 1986. He was a popular student with a good sense of humor who performed well. Even then he was much better organised than most of us. Steve did his intern and early resident years at Royal Perth Hospital and decided on a career in anaesthesia early on. As with many of the training registrars at the time the Part 1 examination proved a challenge but eventually Steve passed in 1991. As expected, he had no difficulty in the Fellowship examination which he passed in 1994 and set out to Pittsburgh with his wife, Jane, in 1995 for his post-fellowship training. This proved to be an enjoyable and clinically rewarding year. They both returned to Australia and Steve commenced work as a Sessional Anaesthetist at RPH and in private practice with the Coghlan Road group of Anaesthetists. In 1997 he resigned from Royal Perth to concentrate fully on his thriving private practice. Steve was well regarded clinically and expected the same high standard he strived for from all those that worked with him. This sometimes resulted in vigorous exchanges with other clinical and nursing staff. He would not cut corners in his work and this is illustrated by a story he told of visiting a small peripheral hospital to anaesthetise a patient for minor surgery. After checking the equipment and drugs he realised there was no adrenaline available and then insisted on waiting nearly half an hour before an ampoule could be found.

Steve was also a great family man and spent as much time as possible with his young family. Unfortunately almost a year ago he developed a tumour related to a chronic illness and required major surgery. This was associated with complications but throughout his illness he showed strength of character and lucidity that left those who knew him and cared for him in awe. He fought his disease courageously till the very end and leaves behind his wife, Jane, and two small boys, Oscar and Rupert.

Chris Cokis


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Dr Steve Hocking

1962 - 2001

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