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Suggested Management of Vascath and Hickman Catheters for Dialysis  

Guidelines for the use of a dedicated Haemodialysis line.

        A competency is required prior to their use.

        To prevent accidental administration of Heparin the lock must be removed prior to using the Hickman line: 

Heparin Lock

Heparin is used to maintain catheter patency between haemodialysis sessions. 

 1.     Each lumen has the required priming volume printed on the side.  Instil required volume, ie 1.6 ml priming volume = 1.6 ml of heparin + 0.2 ml to ensure lumen has been primed.

 2.     Sufficient volume and concentration of Heparin is to be used to maintain patency.

25,000 units in a 5ml ampoule.  (Each 1 ml represents 5000 units).

D Perret, CNS, J Starmer, J Gobener, and the RPH Drug Subcommittee.

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