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INTERNATIONAL ANAESTHESIA DAY | Friday October 16 2015 | Further information

PROPOFOL ADVISORY: A new advisory note has been issued on 18 September 2015 by the WA Therapeutic Advisory Group regarding propofol.

Click here for the WATAG Advisory (PDF format) | Click here for the WATAG Advisory (webpage)

Congratulations to Prof Stephan Schug for receiving a High Commendation in the British Medical Association Book awards. Acute Pain Management: A Practical Guide. 4th Edition Pamela E. Macintyre and Stephan A. Schug—CRC Press, December 2014 ISBN: 9781482233490 | Further information

Pain Medicine in the News: See page 13 of the West Australian for a story on the use of virtual reality to reduce anxiety and pain in patients awaiting surgery | Further information

Country Conference 2015 | "Modern Challenges and Daily Dilemmas". 16-18 October 2015 at Pullman Resort | Further information

16th World Congress of Anaesthesiologists | 28 August - 2 September 2016 | Hong Kong

Click here for further information at congress website

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ASTRA-ZENECA MARCAIN 0.5% SPINAL HEAVY SOLUTION: There have been some reports of incomplete and failed spinal blocks with this product. If you have a problem, please notify ANZCA Safety and Quality on Please retain the vial with any unused solution for analysis.

UPDATE TO SUXAMETHONIUM SUPPLY | Click here for further information

FELLOWSHIPS FOR ANAESTHESIA TRAINEES - M.H. and Simulation Fellowships at RPH added to the FSH list | Click here for further information

EMAC Courses 2016 at ECU Health Simulation Centre. For further information contact Sarah Hansen (08) 63040000 or (08) 63042039. | Click here for the link


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